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I'm Allie. :) I'm 22 years young and I love beards, birds, tattoos, sweaters, music of all kinds, and anything nature inspired.
I can't wait to marry my best friend.
I'm currently in Grad school for my Masters in cytotechnology.

Oh, and I think you're beautiful. ;)

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Nothing makes me happier than a good cuddle session. My friends always say hat im notorious for wanting to cuddle but i cant help it . Just being close to someone with your arms wrapped tightly around them is the best feeling in the world. Especially when you can hear/ feel the beat of their heart. It’s almost like for that moment in time you are one with the other person. And it instantly brings you closer. What makes cuddling even better is when they hold you tight as well. It makes you feel safe and secure. Strange how just the touch of another can do that. Changes your day.

I just spent my night wrapped in the arms of another. Im on this euphoric high of happiness and I wish I could go back.

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